Creativitty24 have with us the most capable individuals, engineers, painters to execute the jobs entrusted to us. We are sure that you will give us an opportunity to prove to your whole satisfaction the worth of our venture.

Mission Statement:

We straight out hands for people to know the value of arts/designs in their homes, hotel rooms, lobbies, office area, roads, gardens, recreation centers etc; To let people know they can invest in arts/designs, through buying and reselling of artworks, collecting, marketing of arts/designs. And through this level, menace caused by poverty and unemployment will drastically reduce to zero percent; Additionally, we promote female artists in our nation by wholly involving female artists in the practice of arts/designs and constructions.

Vision Statement:

To stand out as one of the best creative body and development organization in the Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. What keep our vision alive is believe; and right now, we at Creativitty24designs and Culture believes in you – clients. Note: That we train, we educate, we enlighten children, youths and old the intrinsic value of arts, designs, culture and construction as a carrier through exhibition, seminar and studios short lecture/practical service.