Creativitty24designs & Culture is a professional creative designs, building design, constructive and artistic company found by: Umeh Chris Ikenna in the year 2008, with other concerned and professional engineers from Nigeria; registered in-cooperated with the department of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria with RC: CAC/BN/1; created with all intents of adding values to the world of creative designs, consultancies, cultural arts, and constructions. Creativitty24 has been into existence for years now as a professional and experienced artistic company who have attended series of exhibitions both home and international exhibitions.

Our services include:

Arts: Creativitty24designs and Culture is a foremost named company in the area of arts and designs; we are indeed the true cultural valuers, therefore our practical aim and objectives is to portray the true image of arts, designs and culture – any where, any – moment, locally and internationally.

Creative Designs and consultancy: A company must be creative to see situations in multiple ways and solve problems more effectively. Creativitty24 demonstrate a positive attitude to her clients while yielding maximum productivity. Creativitty24 been a famous named company, the true cultural valuers, therefore, our practical aim and objectives is to portray the true image of arts; but also provide and per take in consultancy services. Other services render include: Printing, Building Designs and Constructions, Training and Sales of Standard Arts and Architectural Materials.